Cashmere Stories (previously also known as Keep it stylish and sexy) founded in 2011 is a little creative place where I want to inspire you to look deeper and find the beauty hidden in the most insignificant things. To be eager. To experiment more. To take risks. And to find your own style. 

Why Cashmere Stories?

My blog has not only been a big part of my styling journey through the years and has helped me find my personal style, but it has also guided me through different life stages and has made my inner voice stronger. Therefore, I wanted a new blog name that represents this older, more mature me. This is how Cashmere Stories was born.

Cashmere is one of the finest, most valuable fabrics in the world, (and also my personal favorite) known for its softness, being mostly associated with luxury and quality. Inspired by the rarity of the fibre, I wanted to create an unique place that will make you see and experience the fashion world through different angles, in a completely new way. Because this is not simply a blog about fashion. It is about a certain way of expressing yourself.

About the founder

I am Gergana, a twenty-something bulgarian girl based in Berlin. Philologist by education and writer by soul.

I graduated from the University of Vienna in 2014 with a Bachelor degree in Scandinavian Studies. After traveling in some of the most breathtaking places in the North, I decided it is time to devote myself to my calling. So I moved to Berlin to study fashion styling.

After working on some styling projects as a freelance fashion stylist I decided to start pursuing my other big dream – to become a fashion writer. During the past year I could gather valuable experience working for some famous editorial offices in Germany, (such as Burda,Joy Magazine, Zalando, Stylight) got to taste from the local Fashion Week, made some important contacts and managed to complete my first fashion internship at one of the biggest online showbiz magazines in Berlin.

So here I am now, working as a freelance product texter for a German online shop and opening a window to my dreamy, colourful and multifarious world through this blog.

Hope you will enjoy my styling journey!