Mom jeans & Patches

Hello guys.

It has been really warm here in Berlin over the last few days, (hard to believe, I know) almost like a summer, which means I automatically feel more inspired and motivated for creating more colourful, fresh (and sometimes a bit crazy) outfit combinations (yeey!).

So let me introduce you to one of my favourite late-spring-looks since it is not only super comfy but also combines two of the trends I have been obsessed with lately – mom fit and off the shoulder.

However, there is one thing in my outfit I was not completely sure about – with high heels or with sneakers? The first  one definitely scores with its look and the second one gets some extra credits for the obvious practical reasons. And since I could not decide which one I like more (ok, maybe the comfort overweights a liiittle bit more over the chic in a big city like Berlin) so I am showing you both.

What do you think? Which combination do you like more?

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