Turtleneck and Leather



Happy New Year, folks!

May the new year be healthy, successful, peaceful and bring all of us many new opportunities for all the things we are passionate about and desire most.

Can’t believe that another year has passed by so fast… One year filled with so many ups and downs, twists, turns and challenges. And although it seemed pretty tough at some points, I have to admit that I leaned a lot, gathered valuable experience in many areas of my life and most of all, something I am most proud of, I was bold, took risks and used the chances offered to me.

So thanks for another year, another beginning, another chance to open a new chapter. Let’s all use it!

I decided to start the new year with dramatic dark lips (find out more about this favorite lipstick of mine here), warm turtleneck sweater and vintage leather skirt. I even wore this combination on New Year’s Eve and I think I could achieve the perfect balance between feminine, sophisticated yet not too overdressed look thanks to this burgundy roll neck sweater and its loose and relaxed style.

What was your choice for New Year’s Eve?


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