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Hey guys.

It’s not a secret that when winter comes we automatically become more lethargic and start sticking to our good old (but fast achievable) makeup look. We also intend to forget one of the most important steps in our routine a lot more often, namely lip care.

This is why today I decided to give you an inside into my lipstic ‘collection’ for winter time since these products not only keep my lips soft and moisturized despite the cold, but are also my guarantee for an instant beauty upgrade of my everyday looks.



The ultimative winter lipstick for me is from Essence and is called Matt Matt Matt (08). I don’t think that there is a lipstick which screams winter more than this one… Such a beautiful deep velvet color which I would associate with red wine and cozy winter nights by the fireplace.

Despite its price range, the perfect combination of creamy texture, matt finish and intense color makes this lipstick similar to a high-end product. This is why it is simply a must-have for me during winter time, especially when I want to give my look an extra glamour.


What would be winter without a dramatic red lipstick, the ultimative synonym of glamour and sex appeal?

It is simply a must for every classy lady (and not only during winter time!) and I highly doubt that there is a better color for the upcoming holidays than this one. So let me introduce you to this NYX lipstick called MLS18 Bloody Mary.

It won me for the following reasons: it is (like the most NYX lipsticks) highly pigmented, long-lasting and has a smooth matte finish. Its shape makes it easier to apply even in the lip corners. And honestly, who could resist this gorgeour color?



Here comes another NYX favorite (thanks to DM for that!) which is called LSS 635 Doll Poupee. 

I would say that this a classic lipstick and its delicate color makes it perfect for everyday looks. I usually apply it when I feel that my lips need an extra moisturizing since its formula is very creamy and light. The lipstick is also enriched with minerals and emollients so that my lips become hydrated and soft in an instant.


I can describe my last favorite as an instant mood booster and my best friend on all these days when I want to make a statement. Please meet MAC lipstick called Man love mistery.

I fell inlove with its intense color (which in my opinion is perfect for ladies with light eyes), formula and matte finish. Besides it is super easy to apply even for beginners 🙂

You would say that this is not exactly the best color decision for this time of the year and I would probably give you right (after all this lipstick was also one of my summer essentials). But the truth is that it has become my secret weapon against the winter blues. Honestly, the minute I apply it to my lips I start feeling much better and more motivated for doing boring things despite the bad weather. How cool is that?


And how about you? Which are your favorite lip products for winter time?



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