My Lash Extension Story


Hello guys.

Like you can see from the title of this post today we will talk about beauty. Actually it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted my last beauty post so I thought it might be interesting for you to hear about my experience with lash extensions.


Why I decided to do it?

Actually, there was no specific reason. I can say that I’ve always been quite happy with my lashes. Ok, they were not the longest or fullest on earth, but after applying some coats of mascara I was pretty satisfied with their look.  Of course, I cannot hide that like every other woman I also secretly dreamed of having the perfect cateye every day without having to apply any eyeliner or fake lashes… So after my boyfriend gave me his birthday present for me (a voucher for a cosmetic studio in Berlin) I got pretty excited (actually, it was for a permanent make-up at the first place, but I got scared, haha.. maybe I will try that one day as well.)

About the procedure

The cosmetic lady used synthetic lashes and applied them to my natural ones. The whole procedure took about an hour (usually it is supposed to take even longer). I really enjoyed my stay at the beauty studio. After all this was time to relax, time only for myself… But the best part actually came afterwards, because after I woke up from my ‘beauty sleep’ I almost felt like Sleeping Beauty hehe… I finally had the most amazing washes.

I have to admit that at the beginning  I was even a bit shocked by the result since I was not used to the look. After all the extensions were 1/3 longer than my natural ones. However, I finally got the most beautiful, expressiv cateye look I have always tried to achieve using 73738 million make-up products. At first the lashes appeared to be even a bit too long, but believe me after two days, when the first washes start to fall, it simply starts looking a looot more natural. I felt so great that I finally could say goodbye to my old morning routine since I didn’t even need to apply any eyeliner (yay!). I used to get up in the morning and look (almost) ready to go. Crazy how much such a small thing can change and, most of all, how much precious time women lose with their daily routines.


Unforunately the beautiful fairytale last about only two weeks… My natural washes started to fall and with that also the fake ones. I even had another lash refuelling appointment scheduled after the first two weeks, but I decided not to go. Why? Because I started noticing how my natural lashes got shorter and thinner. I even had to start using ricinus oil to thicken them and make them grow again. Even now, a few weeks later, my lashes haven’t fully recovered yet. So I asked myself if this procedure was actually worth it. Sure it looked nice, but the price I paid (and here I do not mean only the material side) was a bit too high for me. But, of course, everyone should decide for themselves.

Anyways, I am still happy that I did this experiment! After all we all should do such kinds of things from time to time 🙂

And how about you? Have you ever made experience with lash extensions or fake washes?


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