Palm Trees & Culottes


Hello guys.

I hope you are all enjoying summer at its fullest. I most definitely am since I am back in Bulgaria for a few weeks. I guess I really needed an escape from the big city so I am pretty happy that I got the chance to do that. I am even sitting by the pool right now while writing this post (lucky me, hehe =)

Today I decided to share with you one ‘older’ photoshooting we made some weeks ago. I can even call it one of my favourite ones most probably because of the beautiful location we chose. This pure peace of heaven called “Peacock Island” (“Pfaueninsel” in German) turned out to be the perfect background for my outfit. Actually, this was the second time I visited the island and I felt even more enchanted by its beauty than the first one. This is why I think I will dedicate a separate blog post to this magical place. What do you think?

The look I chose for our short trip was chic and soo comfortable… So please let me introduce you to my new favourite trend and go-to item this season – culottes. How can a piece of clothing be so comfy and stylish and the same time? Pure all-round talent! The other thing I love about this item is its print – it somehow reminds me of peacock feathers, which is why it was the perfect choice for that day.

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