Call me Princess

Здравейте, читатели!
Имате ли нещо в гардероба си, което след като облечете се чувствате като истинска принцеса? Е, аз имам!
Бих искала да ви представя тази красива рокля от  Dress Stylist.
Още на мига, в който я облякох се почувствах като в приказка, в която аз изпълнявам главната роля.
Надявам се, че чувството ви е познато, защото е просто невероятно! 
Какво ще кажете за роклята?
Hello, readers!
Do you have something in your closet, which makes you feel like a princess while wearing it? 
Well, I have – this beautiful dress from Dress Stylist.
While I was wearing it I felt like I’m in a fairytale where I am playing the lead role.
I hope you know that feeling, because it’s just great!
What do you think about the dress?

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  1. Adorable. You look so beautiful in pink. That dress is just amazing.I find it hard to believe that they arent any flowers blooming around you. You my dear are just such a delight for the eye! Keep it up this way

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