Peplum Dress

Честита Нова Година на всички!
 Надявам се сте отпразнували началото й подобаващо! 😉

Днес реших да ви покажа аутфита си от Новогодишната нощ. Просто съм влюбена в тази пеплум рокля, която е и моят тотален фаворит в момента. 
Надявам се, че ще ви хареса. Какво носихте вие?

Happy New Year, guys!
 I hope you had a great time 😉

Today I want to show you my outfit from New Year’s Eve. I’m just soo in love with this peplum dress, it’s my favorite at the moment.
Hope you’ll like it. What was your outfit?


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  1. Everything works here! Love your dress, collar and stockings! Well done. Thank you for your kind comment. I was already following your on GFC but now I'm also following on bloglovin. In fact, I've shown lots of love (likes) on your wonderful posts!


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